Fuels at Jio-bp

Switch to Diesel with International ACTIVE technology and save up to 4.3% more mileage at the cost of Standard Diesel
Fuels at Jio-bp

Boosting India's Transportation Industry

  • The transport sector is vital to our economy and consumes about 70% of the diesel sold in India.
  • Fuel costs account for 70 percent of a diesel-powered heavy-duty truck's total cost of ownership.
Boosting India's Transportation Industry

Fighting dirt through innovation


Dirt build-up in engines
  • A build-up of dirt is a problem that engines can encounter.
  • Fuel injection Is a highly precise process taking place in a fraction of a second and the injector holes are about the diameter of a human hair.
  • With standard diesel, harmful dirt can build up on the injector tip over the time and contribute to: Increased fuel consumption, reduced pick-up & higher maintenance costs.

Smart Ways

Diesel with International ACTIVE technology :
  • Diesel at Jio-bp, containing international ACTIVE technology, has been specially formulated to combat harmful engine dirt
  • ACTIVE molecules remove dirt by attaching to existing dirt and ping it away from critical engine parts. ACTIVE molecules protect against dirt by forming a protective layer on clean metal surfaces and preventing dirt from binding to the metal
  • Clean fuel injectors work as they should, producing a fine fuel spray that burns evenly and efficiently, leading to the restoration and maintenance of engine power and fuel economy.
Smart Ways

Diesel at Jio-bp with ACTIVE Technology - Key Benefits

Savings of up to 1.1 lakh

Savings of up to 1.1 lakh

per truck per year*

Up to 4.3% better / improved

Up to 4.3% better / improved

fuel economy**

Our testing shows that dirty fuel injectors increase fuel consumption. Diesel at Jio-bp with ACTIVE technology cleans away this efficiency-robbing dirt, offering a fuel economy benefit to fleet owners and drivers of commercial vehicles operating on the roads in India.

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Helps to keep engine and engine parts clean

ACTIVE technology forms a protective layer on the metal surfaces of engines that helps stop dirt forming and building up, so they help keep your engine clean with ongoing use.

ACTIVE technology helps to maintain your vehicle's fuel economy with ongoing use.

ACTIVE technology  formula was developed in international laboratories and is now exclusively available in India in Petrol and Diesel at Jio-bp

bp has already introduced Active technology fuel in other markets like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Indonesia, China & Mexico.

ACTIVE technology form a protective layer on the metal surfaces of engines that helps stop dirt forming and building up, so they help keep your engine clean with ongoing use.

Yes, Indian vehicles have been tested for India road conditions at Global and India test facilities

Switching to other fuel in between, will not ensure consistent performance benefit.  It may cause dirt build up in engine parts.

Dirt is the hidden enemy of engines. A build-up of dirt on critical engine parts, such as intake valves and fuel injectors, can reduce pick-up [OR make engines/vehicles feel less responsive], contribute to increased fuel consumption and can even lead to the need for unscheduled/unexpected maintenance.


At least 3-4 cycles of complete fuel tank turn over, with ongoing use, you will see benefits like smoothness improvement, power improvement and/or fuel economy improvement (up to 4.3% ).

Driving style, Road infrastructure, Engine health, Fuel quality, Highway or crowded area drive and many more.

Active technology diesel is formulated with a special component that cleans up dirt and forms a protective layer over injectors (the critical engine parts) and thereby improves the fuel economy of the vehicle.

Up to 4.3% additional mileage.

Up to 4.3% extra mileage and in terms of monitory value savings of up to 1.2 lakhs Per Annum per vehicle.


All category of diesel vehicles, i.e. 4 wheeler, LCVs, MCVs, HCVs are compatible.

No, there are no harmful effects of this diesel.

With continuous use overtime Diesel with Active technology helps to reduce the risk of unscheduled maintenance associated with dirty fuel

With continuous use of diesel at Jio- bp with active technology helps in improvement of mileage. By switching to PSU Ros for diesel, it builds up dirt and reduces mileage it is recommended for continuous use of diesel at Jio-bp for maintaining the improved fuel economy

Our fuel economy claim is based on robust testing in a range of representative trucks greater than 12T GTW carried out by Millbrook UTAC, and accredited independent global automotive testing agency.